ChurchOS Conference

Mobilize Your Church to

Reach the ONE.

TheChurchOS® Conference is designed by Intentional Churches to support church leaders using the ChurchOS leadership system. Whether you and your team are just learning the system or are advancing in your journey, the conference will move you to the next level and give valuable insights. You will make new friends and leave renewed and equipped to mobilize your ninety-nine to reach their ONE’s for generations to come.

The conference features inspiring main sessions and six unique tracks. Every leader on your team will have a place to learn and advance. Get ready to be equipped and inspired to multiply your impact in 2023!

Who is it for?

Senior pastors, executive pastors, church planters, department leaders, elders, and lay leaders – along with any leader who wants to more effectively and consistently accomplish the Great Commission. It’s specifically built to support ChurchOS activation and implementation, and open to any and all leaders who want to align their team, mobilize their church, and multiply their impact like never before.

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Starts Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 9:00 am

Ends Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 3:00 pm


Inspiring Stories



The Latest

Experts &


ChurchOS Conference tracks are taught by experienced ChurchOS coaches and specialists. We have a wide range of tracks based on your level of experience with ChurchOS. Check out the descriptions and plan to bring your team.

Getting Started Team Experience Track

A four-part facilitated Intentional Growth Planning experience for teams new to ChurchOS.

Evangelism TRACK

Discover practical ways to activate the central mission of ChurchOS, to mobilize the ninety-nine to reach the ONE.

Essentials TRACK

Dive into ChurchOS topics common to churches early in their ChurchOS Journey.

Senior Leadership TracK

Explore the important role of senior pastors, elders, and healthy governance in the full implementation of ChurchOS.

Maximum impact TRACK

Focus on ChurchOS topics faced by teams & Activators advancing in their ChurchOS Journey and seeking to go to the next level.

Track Sessions & Topics

TRACKS:Track Session OneTrack Session TwoTrack Session ThreeTrack Session Four


A four-part experiential workshop for those new to ChurchOS.

These four sessions will build upon one another as your team experiences Intentional Growth Planning and The ChurchOS Living Toolbox for the first time. (Must Read the IC Book or First Four Chapters)


Topics common to the early stages of the ChurchOS journey.

Mastering the Art of Discovery: Teaching & Using The Great Commission Engine, Priorities for Impact, and More

Discerning the ONE, The ONE’s Core Motivators, and Building/Using a ONE-Aware Filter

Execute & Celebrate: Developing, Building, and Running Great VIP’s & Action Plans

Establishing a Calendar, Rhythms, and How to Run Great ChurchOS Meetings


Topics for those advanced in their ChurchOS journey.

What Does Green Mean? A Next-Level Understanding of the ChurchOS Living Toolbox

Level-setting: Who Needs to Know What and How to Onboard New Team Members to ChurchOS

Intentional Growth Planning in Departments and at Campuses

Fully Integrated: Advanced Strategies in Calendaring, Rhythms, Meetings, & Total Team Alignment


Focused on the role of senior pastors and elders in ChurchOS.

Topics will include vision development, vision casting, preaching, governance policy, ChurchOS involvement, and more.


Activate the central mission of ChurchOS to mobilize the ninety-nine to reach the ONE.

Assessing the Evangelistic Temperature of Your Church (& You!)

Introduction to the 3D1 Strategy and How to Launch Spiritual Discovery Groups

Developing a Plan to Equip and Mobilize the Ninety-Nine to Reach their ONE

Keys to Overcoming Obstacles and Maintaining Momentum

ChurchOS Conference Pricing



Save your seat to this power-packed event.


$179 ea.

Bring a leader or friend and save!


$149 ea.

Bring a team and save the most!


$99 ea.

Special Pricing for Church Planters!


What to expect.

ChurchOS Conference Tracks are designed to advance you and your team in ChurchOS. Each track is taught by ChurchOS specialists and designed with a special focus based on your role or exposure to ChurchOS. There is something for everyone – from a team-based experience for churches new to ChurchOS, to advanced topics and specialized tracks for trained Activators, senior leaders, and church planters. Check out the descriptions below and plan to bring a team that could benefit!

Getting Started Team Experience Track

This experiential track is four-part, sequential, facilitated experience for leaders and teams. It is uniquely built for churches who are inexperienced in ChurchOS and want to learn more. Across the four sessions, you will experience first-hand the power of Intentional Growth Planning while learning the essential concepts of ChurchOS for the first time. Each session builds upon the last, leading your team to right-sized next steps to implement the system. (Reading the Intentional Churches book is essential to this track!)

Essentials Track

This track will topically focus on essential tools of ChurchOS and how to teach and use them. It will also cover the core issues typically faced by leaders in their first one to two years of ChurchOS implementation. You must master these fundamentals if you want to create ownership and sustained Kingdom impact for generations to come. For churches in the first 2 years of their ChurchOS Journey.

Maximum Impact Track

This track will topically focus on the core issues typically faced by leaders who are two or more years along in their ChurchOS Journey. The rhythms, training, and deep implementation of ChurchOS runs up against unique challenges as your team is fully adopting and attempting to multiply the system. We will focus our time on these topics.

Evangelism Track

This track will focus on how to ignite the fires of personal evangelism in your church by mobilizing your ninety-nine to pray for, walk with, and reach their ONEs. The central purpose of ChurchOS is to build ONE-focused churches around the world who will reach millions more for Christ. Over the past decade, we have found this topic to be the central road-block to making more and better disciples and have built tools to solve the problem.

Senior Leadership Track

This track is built for Senior Pastors and Elder Teams. It will focus on the critical role of senior leadership in the implementation and use of ChurchOS. You will never maximize the impact of ChurchOS if you don’t align senior leadership. This track will focus on vision casting, healthy church governance, and more.

ChurchOS Conference Pricing



Save your seat to this power-packed event.


$179 ea.

Bring a leader or friend and save!


$149 ea.

Bring a team and save the most!


$99 ea.

Special Pricing for Church Planters!

Intentional Churches Book

You can find out more about the transformational ChurchOS leadership system by picking up your copy of Intentional Churches by Bart Rendel and Doug Parks, co-founders of Intentional Churches.

The ChurchOS Conference is designed to amplify the system explained in the book. You will learn the heart behind ChurchOS and learn the fundamentals of this transformative leadership system that is impacting churches around the world.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christianbook.